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 All-in-one: HR apps, services and platforms
m|ployee connects all your HR apps, services and platforms. This results in one open and transparent system that allows you to keep an overview of all your HR data, employee sick days and costs.

The Connected HR strategy
Every organization wants to care for their employees, while controlling costs and the output of data. We believe the best way to achieve this is by implementing a Connected HR strategy. One that links all data, applications and processes, and shows them all in one place. Providing access to employee records, costs and a clear overview of your HR department.

Our USP’s (on a more technical level)
Connect SaaS to your Business
Build powerful integration processes with the workflow designer;
Quickly connect to hundreds of applications;
Complete integration of lifecycle management;
100% Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid;
Elastic cloud agent network scales to meet real-time requirements;
Lightweight on-premise agents provide secure local connectivity;
Smart clustering offers chart-topping performance and high-availability;
Unify cloud data with the rest of your enterprise data and ensure maximum value from your SaaS investments;
Anywhere, any device Cloud management;
Secure team and user-based access permissions and delegation;
Real-time error alerts and complete audit trail;
Smart migration across unlimited environments.

To increase the speed in which m|ployee contracts are completed and managed, we implemented DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform. All within the Salesforce environment.
Very convenient! You can easily manage all your documents and let employees sign their documents online.


Rapid ROI
The benefits of m|ployee come quickly and the ROI is rapid for two main reasons.

First of all, the app is easy to implement. You don’t have to worry about having to go through a lengthy and expensive customisation process.

Next, the combination of time management and workforce management, shows you instantly if there are gaps in the schedule.
Your productivity is our core business. Make life easier for yourself, and for your employees.

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